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The 61 was first introduced in 1956 in the USA. After an extensive design period Parker announced the new pen with its revolutionary capillary filling system. It utilised a new material, Teflon, to protect the hood and allow excess ink to drain back into the ink bottle without the need for wiping. The same model was also produced in the UK but not until the early 60's. The pen was produced in a wide variety of colurs and finishes on both sides of the Atlantica and, although a bit quirky, is still a popular pen. The Aerometric 61 was introduced in the UK in 1967, it copied the reliable system used on the 51 and the Duofolds of the same era and was seen as an admission by Parker that the Capillary system had not caught the publics imagination as they expected it to, it is not a bad system, it just needs a little more maintenance to keep it working.

The Parker 65 was introduced in 1969 and again was only made in the UK, it featured an open nib, a return to the traditional look, and was popular although the production run was limited.

The Parker 75 was the real star of the late sixties and seventies and was consumed in vast numbers. It was initially only produced in the USA with the UK operation getting involved in the mid 70's. There are a huge number of finishes and patterns to these pens and they are rightly very popular. They are reliable, easy to maintain and the nibs are superb.

Finally, the Sonnet was the pen designed by Geoff Hollington to replace the very successful 75. It was introduced in 1994 and is being made today. It is a fine design and a good strong practical workhorse. It is a worthy successor to the superb 75 and is available in a range of finishes.