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We have a large selection of replacement nibs for your pen. Browse through the list below to find what you are looking for, they are grouped alphabetically by Manufacturer. 

Products In This Category:

All the nibs are guaranteed to be straight and free of any cracks. 

Note that I have deliberately increased the contrast on the photographs so that all the details are clearly visible. This has the unfortunate side-effect of highlighting minor blemishes and discolouration. Nibs are incredibly difficult to photograph accurately so you may see reflections that look like dark lines.

Please also note that replacing a nib is not always straightforward. You may need tools to remove the old nib and the new one will almost certainly need adjusting to get the flow and smoothness correct. If you are not certain about how to fit a nib please ask for advice.

Nib widths.

Nib widths are quite subjective and different manufacturers use different scales to describe their products. I prefer to give you the actual width at the tips and then you can use the scale below to determine the width. All sizes are approximate.

EXTRA FINE (XF) =  0.3 mm
FINE (F) = 0.45 mm
MEDIUM (M) = 0.6 mm
BROAD (B) = 0.9 mm
DOUBLE BROAD (BB) = 1.2 mm  

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