Nib Ratings

We are providing nib ratings for each of the pens that go on sale. 

All fountain pens for sale will be given a nib rating according to the following table. 

Note that we spend a lot of time working on the nibs of the pens before they go on sale so they are all rated as either 3, 4 or 5 star nibs, anything less than a three star would not get on the site in the first place.

  • 3 Star Nibs (***) - a nib that is in reasonable condition cosmetically, it may have a slight ripple or other small imperfection. It will write smoothly with no skipping.
  • 4 Star Nibs (****) - a nib that is in very good condition cosmetically with no obvious deformation or damage. It will write very smoothly with no skipping, it may exhibit very desirable characteristics like flexibility and it may be Italic or Oblique.
  • 5 Star Nibs (*****) - reserved for only the smoothest of nibs, it will have strong characteristics to it, it may be unusually Broad or it may be Italic or Oblique or a combination of any of these. These are the nibs that I personally find very pleasant to write with.
There are a couple of problems with making an assessment of any nib, firstly, it is a uniquely personal opinion, I prefer smooth broad italic nibs and therefore, in my opinion, they are going to get the best reviews. I am not a fan of fine nibs but I know a lot of my customers like them so I try to be objective but sometimes it is not easy. 

Secondly, the paper and ink used has a great bearing on the nib style. A fine nib on one type of paper will write as a medium on another paper, this is inevitable and will also occur when two different people write with the same pen. Please take these ratings as a guide only. 

Thirdly, a 3 or a 4 star nib is still a great nib - otherwise it wouldn't be on the site! - Don't be put off by a Star rating that falls short of perfection.