Pen Condition

The pens offered for sale on the website are graded in accordance with the following scale. All pens will be in full working order regardless of their cosmetic condition;

  • New - Pens that are unused and uninked in their original packaging
  • Mint - Pens that are in excellent condition throughout, they may have been inked occasionally and they will come with their original boxes and documentation. There may be some very light storage marks.
  • Grade A - A pen in very good original condition with only very minor marks commensurate with light use. There will be no dents or dings in any metal components and no wear to the gold plate on the clip or cap rings. The nibs will be unmarked and the tines will be straight and true with plenty of wear left.
  • Grade B - A pen in good condition with minor marks and scratches, it may have an inscription from a previous owner (this will be identified in the description) or it may have a ding in the gold cap (if fitted). there may also be some wear to the gold plate on clips and cap rings.
  • Grade C - A pen in good working condition that is showing signs of wear. The tips of the nib may be worn or there may be some deeper surface marks. Any specific faults will be indentified in the description.