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See Below for a Brief History of Wahl Eversharp Pens.

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Wahl Eversharp were at their peak in the 1930's, their Art Deco inspired Personal Point pens were incredibly popular and are today very rare and valuable.

The majestic multi-faceted Doric Fountain pen was introduced in 1931 along with the Wahl Oxford. Later models of the Doric featured an innovative sliding mechanism on the nib which allowed the user to adjust the flexibility and an ink shut off valve which was activated by the cap. All of the Wahl products were innovative and distinctive, they invested in modern and efficient manufacturing equipment and were able to produce top quality pens at low cost. This was particularly relevant to the Skyline range which was introduced in the early 1940's, it was developed and released at a time when Fountain Pen companies were under tremendous pressure from a deflated post war economy and the rapid development of the ball pen.

The Skyline pen helped Wahl to survive through the early post war years but ultimately the company failed to invest sufficiently in the 'new' ball pen technology. Their rapidly developed CA Ball Pen was not tested properly and thousands were returned under warranty.

A number of new pens were developed but, although the 5th Avenue and Symphony were good products, they seemed outdated and failed to catch on with the public. The company struggled on for a few years but was eventually sold to the Parker Pen company in 1957.

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