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Onoto - a Brief History

The Onoto Pen company was incoroporated in London in 1905 by the family of Thomas De La Rue, the famous printing and stationery company. They introduced a revolutionary new filling system, the plunger filler, that was a radical and efficient alternative to the traditional eye-dropper pens of the time. Onoto quickly established themselves as a manufacturer of quality fountain pens and they became very sought after. The company was sold to a consortium in 1921 and a few years later, in 1927, they moved production to Strathenderry in Fife, Scotland. Production continued in London until the premises in Bunhill Row was destroyed by fire in the Blitz.

The legendary Magna was introduced to great acclaim in 1935 but stuttered somewhat when pen production was virtually halted during the war years. It resumed in 1947 with the reintroduction of the Magna including a new lever filling model. The post war Magna's are hugely desirable now and many of the earlier plunger and lever filling pens are in demand because of the good quality materials used and the attention to detail in the design.

The introduction of the K series in 1955 heralded the end of the line as far as fountain pen production was concerned and the company ceased production in 1958.

In 2005, however, the company name was resurrected and they now market some excellent high end pens.