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The Parker 45 was introduced in 1960 and became one of the most popular pens ever with production estimated at 80 million units over its 28 year lifespan. The 45 was, in fact, based on an Eversharp design and was adapted by Parker to utilise a number of standard Parker components. Eversharp (bought by Parker in 1957) marketed a very similar pen, the Challenger, from 1962. 

There were very few variations in design over the lifetime of the pen but there are hundreds of different finishes as well as special editions - this helps to keep collectors on their toes! 

The nibs on 45's have a code on them which is not always easy to decipher, I think the list below covers most of the range;

X = Extra Fine
F = Fine
M = Medium
B = Broad

so far, so good, now it gets a bit more obscure!

C = Fine Italic
D = Medium Italic
E = Broad Italic
R = Medium Oblique
Z = Broad Oblique
S = Stub
A = Accountant
N = Needlepoint
Y = Fine Oblique Italic
J = Medium Oblique Italic

Finally, no mark at all means Extra Fine Italic!