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The Parker Duofold and Vacumatic - a Brief History.

What can I say about the Parker Duofold that has not been said a million times already?

It is simply the most iconic pen ever made, it started life in the 1920's and is still being made and used today in huge numbers. It has gone through more design changes than any other pen and is probably the most collected pen ever made.

It is a legend and a testimony to the orginal design which has endured through two world wars and, especially between the wars, an incredibly competitive market place.

Everybody, at some time in their life, will write with a Parker Duofold. If they don't - they should!

The Vacumatic occupies a similar standing amongst those with an interest in pens. Although it was relatively short lived, the Vacumatic, and its direct successor, the 51 Vacumatic, had a huge impact on the marketplace. This innovative new filling system that dramatically increased the volume of ink that could be carried in the pen was an important milestone in the history of pens. 

Although they are fiddly to service they are actually very reliable. The earlier striated pens created a brand new and unique market sector and the associated image and design was imitated by every other manufacturer around the globe.